Year 4

"You have your brush, you have your colors, you paint paradise, then in you go" N. Kazantzakis

Year 4

Christmas Play!

December 6th, 2017 · 18 Comments · General News

Just a reminder: our Christmas play is on Monday 18th December! There is one in in the morning (9:15) and one in the afternoon (1:15).

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Our Year 4 songs are going to be:

Seek and Find

Secret Agents

Christmas is Forever

Here it Comes

I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!


Wandsworth Class


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  • Rachel

    I can’t wait until Christmas and the Christmas pofomance.I’m happy can’t wait.


  • 20tianan

    I’m very excited about the Christmas play because I love all the songs and I’m also very excited about the play! my favourite song that we are singing is secret Agents and my second favourite song is seek and find. what is your favourite song ?

  • Lwiza

    I love Christmas it is my favourite time of the year except my birthday.

  • 20julias

    we are having a Christmas play soon on Monday 18th and I hope everyone will enjoy it .What are your favourite songs. My favourite song is seek and find and here it comes.

  • Zena

    When we sing the Christmas songs I like to sing along because they are my favourite songs.We are practicing our new christmas songs for our new suuuuuper brilliant performance…

  • Neville

    I like doing the Christmas play and my favorite song is here it comes and secret agents

  • Neville

    Good luck at the Christmas play and Merry Christmas

  • Klareiss

    My favorite song is here it comes because its a really nice song to sing together.

  • Tyler

    My favorite song is Secert Agents and i like singing the song.

  • 20nada

    I am really excited for the Christmas performance and my favourite song is secret agents and seek and find.

  • Claudia Melo

    My favourite song is Secret agents because when I sing it is gust get focused in singing
    and I just love it.I’m just exited about the
    Christmas performance.

    Kelly Wandsworth Class

  • 20kelly

    My favourite song is Secret agents because when we are singing I am so focused in remembering all the letters. I am so exited about the Christmas play.

    Kelly Wandsworth Class

  • Ikram

    I am looking forwards to the play my favourite song is secret agents also seek and find.

  • Egan

    Sorry, the times are wrong. The plays are at 9:00 AM and 1:45 PM.

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